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Fn Fal For Sale|Sar 48 fn Fal imbel 308 7.62x51mm


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Fn Fal For Sale|Sar 48 fn Fal imbel 308 7.62x51mm

SAR 48 target match made in Tanzania Brazil at the imbel factory. Bought in 2002 and shot a couple of times with no misfires and cleaned perfectly. Overall condition is mint with minor shell casing marks near the ejection port like all used fals do.

Collector grade factory original with matching serial numbers. This is the nicest Fal I have ever seen. Includes 3 imbel factory 20 round magazines. I put some tape on the feet of the bipod to give the handguard some extra protection. This has been kept in the best condition possible for the best collector example


FN America


Other FN America

Barrel Length

20 inch


Other .30/.300/.308






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Fn Fal For Sale