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Flintlock Pistol|1777 St. Etienne French Military Flintlock Cavalry Pistol .69 Cal 1786


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Flintlock Pistol|1777 St. Etienne French Military Flintlock Cavalry Pistol .69 Cal 1786

ANTIQUE American Revolutionary War Muzzleloader NR

M1777 St. Etienne French Flintlock Cavalry Pistol, .69 cal smoothbore, mfg. 1786. The French Model 1777 pistol was introduced as a replacement for the earlier Model 1763/1766 and was manufactured between 1779-1792. Thousands were exported to the American colonies during the later years of the Revolutionary War and early Federal period.

The M1777 proved so popular in America that it was copied in 1799 by North & Cheney for what came to be the very first official US military pistol. This fine example dates to 1786 and has a very attractive untouched appearance overall. The metal components have a smooth dark plum/gray patina while the brass frame, triggerguard, and buttcap show a pleasing dark uncleaned color.

Original cock, top jaw & screw, frizzen & spring, and pan with unaltered touch hole. The frame is inscribed “St Etienne” with date code “86” marked on the breech. The stock has an equally attractive untouched finish with much character and honest wear. There is one tight 2″ crack on the lower left side behind the frame. The right side of the grip is stamped “MAY / 29 / 1786”.

All original screws with nicely matched replacement ramrod. The action is firm and crisp and functions flawlessly. The frizzen snaps shut and springs forward securely. A very nice honest example that will make a fantastic addition to any collection!



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Flintlock Pistol