AA12|AA-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun


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AA12|AA-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun


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AA12|AA-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun

Firing from a closed bolt semi-auto configuration, this iconic Shotgun is finally going to be available for sale to the public.  Sol Invictus Arms plans to manufacture a Limited Edition Boje Cornils Signature Model as a tribute to the Engineer who worked tirelessly in the shadows to bring this mystical Shotgun to life. Fed from a 20 Round Drum magazine, the AA-12 uses a gas operated long strong piston design to provide reliable and consistent functionality no matter the firing conditions.  Whether for Self defense, Agency operations, or Target Shooting on the Range, the AA-12 will instill confidence that you have enough fire power to take care of the matter at hand.


AA-12 Specifications

Cartridge: 12 Gauge 2.75”


Action: Closed Bolt Semi-Auto

Barrel Length: 18.25”

OAL: 38”

Weight: 10.5lbs

Receiver: Stainless Steel

Magazine: 20 Round Drum

or 8RD Box Mag



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AA12|AA-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun