Our Core Values

At Shoptopgunsnow.com, we are your destination for firearms ! Our Mission is to serve. We serve our clients by providing a unique, exceptional, and memorable experience. This experience could happen in a class, on the range, perusing the firearms collections or getting fitted for the right firearm. We do this with a passion driven by our core values and centered on our philosophy of Faith, Family, and Freedom.

We believe in Faith, Family and Freedom. These core values are behind our commitment to provide the best selection of firearm in an inviting, unintimidating, and family oriented atmosphere. It’s this atmosphere that allows safety, education and training to produce people skilled in firearms, which makes for a safer community.

The mission that drives our team is:
“To honor God, serve people, and build kingdom resources as an iconic brand by providing exceptional service and an innovative client experience for the whole community.”

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